"God's got this chick, and he thinks she can sing."



Chick Singa.

It sounds kind of derogatory, doesn't it?

Well, it often is. I've met my share of stereotypical Chick Singas with
what I call "Star Syndrome". Working with them is hell. They show up late,
they leave early, they're useless at setup and teardown, they have no concept
of how to use equipment, they never know their material, and a good majority
of them look good but don't have an ounce of musicianship in their bodies.
Add to that a healthy dose of "Cater To Me" attitude, or an over-solicitous
guitar-player boyfriend, and the entire concept of working with a "chick singa"
gives most musicians hives. Heck, I'm getting chills just writing about it.

Well, dammit, it's time we Reclaimed the term Chick Singa!

Some of us are different! Some of us are musicians!
Some of us are responsible! Some of us are professional!

The persecution we women receive because of the negative connotations of this
phrase... Oh, man, I'm killin' myself. I can't keep this up. Sorry. Let's cut the crap.

Chick Singas suck. =)



How the rest of the world feels: Fines for Chick Singer Infractions

Email me your sordid Chick Singa stories!
If they're appalling or hilarious enough, I'll publish them here!



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