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April 2010
Big Hot Blues Buffet for The Wish Project

Bob Worthington has put together The Big Hot Blues Buffet, a wonderful benefit for The Wish Project. He's gotten a lot of great local blues musicians to participate, and it's all happening at The Boat House (formerly the Lakeview Lounge) in Dracut, on Sunday, April 11. Musical guests include: Ricky "King" Russell, Michelle Willson, Brian Templeton, John Moriconi, Sax Gordon Beadle, The Mighty Bad Habits, and even Kit Holliday. Please come out and show some support for such a good cause. Music begins at 3:00 pm, so come early!

November 2009
Get Your Towels Ready, It's About To Go Down

I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! Everybody look at me 'cause I'm sailing on a boat!

For reals, the Legendary Rhythm And Blues Cruise in January. Some great artists on this thing. What a *blast* this is going to be. (Passenger, not performer, btw.)

October 2009
Social Networking

Probably way more information than you ever wanted to know, but Kit has a blog (still hate that word), a Facebook page, and sometimes even twitters. Check it out!

Kit Holliday on LiveJournal
Kit Holliday on Facebook
Kit Holliday on Twitter

Good (mostly) harmless fun! You know, in case you had *spare* *time*. :)

September 2009
Video Proof of New Band!

Mojo posted a video of Kit's band at Heatherfest. Fun times!

August 2009
Kit Holliday plays Heatherfest!!!

Heatherfest is one of the best parties south of Boston, no doubt!!!! The band goes on at 13:00, so come early and get your jello shots on! :)

July 2009
Kit Has A New Band!

Of course, by now this is not much of a surprise, but after a year of lineup changes and sketchy rehearsals, there's finally an emerging and happy musical thing happening behind Kit Holliday. Stay tuned for more details, and *lots* more gigs. Yeah!!!!

August 2007
Kit Holliday Undercover w/Booty Vortex

Hey, we forgot to mention this earlier this summer! Kit has hooked up with Boston's premiere party disco band, Booty Vortex, and is doing several shows with them operating under the alias "Ginger Snap." That's right, folks. I said, DISCO!!! If you want to see some outrageous outfits and hear the most booty-shakin' tunes in memory, hit the clubs in your dancin' duds, and check out a show. Booty gigs will be on the schedule page along with all the other events, so make sure you look carefully at which band is where, so you know what to expect. With Booty Vortex, that will be lots of girls, lots of horns, and lots of fun.

January 2007
Vive La France!!

Ricky "King" Russell & Kit Holliday go abroad for the Seven Nights To Blues Festival in Lille, France, on February 2. We're very excited to have been asked to play this event. Check here for more info, and see you in France! :)

September 2006

Did you know that Kit has a MySpace page? Here at Chick Singa Central, we're still not sure why a band would need a web page and a MySpace page, but it sure is Another Great Internet Time Waster. ;) Check it out at:

August 2006
Kit Holliday & Ricky "King" Russell

By now, folks have probably figured out that Kit has been doing a lot of work with Ricky "King" Russell. Rick, Kit, Bobby & Kenny have been trying things out over the summer, and have been having a blast both on-stage and off. They're hoping to come up with some new stuff for you during the winter, including a new record, and hopefully some more exciting shows. Stay tuned for more details!

April 2006
Kit Holliday - Free Agent

It's been a great run, but after 4.5 years, Kit and the Matthew Stubbs Band have parted company. Kit would like to thank all the friends and fans who've supported her and the guys these past few years, and hopes to see all of you at new shows in the future. Stay tuned for upcoming events for Matt, Mean Johnny B, and Chris, at, and check out the schedule page for more on Kit's activities.

December 2005
Kit featured in latest issue of Blues Audience!

After honoring her with their annual readers poll award, the folks at the Blues Audience sat down with Kit for a little chat. Check out the interview, and subscribe to their newsletter for great local and national blues coverage. (If you purchase a copy of this issue, you get to see more pictures.)

November 2005
Hurricane Wilma postpones Riverwalk Blues Festival!!!

Due to Hurricane Wilma, the Riverwalk Blues Festival has been postponed until February 9-12. We wish the folks in the Fort Lauderdale the best in recovering from the latest in the series of devastating storms.

The good news, though, is that (barring further weather complications) we'll still be coming down to Florida for the rest of our shows, and that Friday night we've been picked up by Buzz's Bar, so come by and see us there if you get a chance.

October 2005
MSB at Riverwalk Blues Festival in Ft. Lauderdale

The band is heading back down to Florida again, this time to perform at the renowned Riverwalk Blues Festival on Friday night, November 4. More info about the great acts and show times should be available on their website.

Following that, we'll be travelling about Florida for a bit, hopefully seeing our friends from the South Florida Blues Society and e, and visiting the clubs that have supported us on our last trips south. Check the schedule to find out where we'll be. Hope to see you all there!

August 2005
Kit Wins Blues Audience Recognition

Kit was voted Outstanding Female Vocalist in the 2005 Blues Audience Readers Poll. Other nominees included such estimable company as Shirley Lewis, Lois Greco, and Toni Lynn Washington. Thanks to everybody who voted, and to Diana Shonk and the Blues Audience for their support of blues in our area. You guys rock!

June 2005
MSB to play White Mountain Boogie & Blues Festival

Once again this year, we'll be doing the White Mountain Boogie, along with Racky Thomas, Shirley Lewis, Duke & The Drivers, Albert Cummings, and Smokin' Joe Kubek with Bnois King. Don't miss everyone's favorite blues festival in New Hampshire!

May 2005
Rick Russell Benefit - Sunday - June 5, 2005 - 2:00 pm

Our very good friend Rick Russell has had some incredibly challenging health problems lately, and we're participating in a huge Boston area bash to help him out. Sunday, June 5, please come join us and many other special guests as we celebrate Rick's successful surgery and wish him a speedy recovery at Club 58 in Quincy, Massachusetts. For more information on the guests and the benefit itself, check out the Boston Blues Society Flyer, and for more updates on Rick, check out the Ricky "King" Russell web page.

March 2005
Matthew Stubbs Band To Revisit Florida!

Those of you who caught our Whirlwind Tour of Florida in October will be pleased to know we're coming back down again for another visit, between April 8 and April 16. We hope to see some of our old friends at the South Florida Blues Society, and all our buddies from The Hurricane down in Marathon as well. Check our schedule for the dates and venues, and stay tuned for updates!

January 2005
The Matthew Stubbs Band Welcomes Chris Rivelli

We finally popped the question, and Chris Rivelli (Drummer #9) said yes! Fresh from the Chris Fitz Band, we welcome Chris on board as our full time main man on the drums and smart-ass commentary. See more on Chris here!

December 2004
Blue Year's Eve Bash

This year, please help us welcome the new year with the Boston Blues Society and The Yardrock. The Blue Year's Eve Bash, featuring the Matthew Stubbs Band and a special Radio Kings Reunion with Brian Templeton and Mike Dinello, will be held at the Clarion Hotel, in Hull, Massachusetts. Do NOT miss this, it's the best Yardrock/Boston Blues Society party of the year!

November 2004
Back from Florida!

We're back from Florida, and finally rested up enough to write about it! The weather was beautiful, the scenery was fantastic, and the folks were as friendly and supportive as we've ever seen.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the South Florida Blues Society, who made us feel so welcome, and brought a great crowd out to see us at Rosey Baby, to Mark and everyone at Tobacco Road, and all the people at The Hurricane who were such great hosts. Kit especially would like to thank everyone who was extra nice to her during the dog days of laryngitis.

October 2004
"Whirlwind" Tour of Florida!

We're heading to Florida for the weekend! You can check the schedule page for more information and updates, but at the time of this writing, we'll be at Tobacco Road in Miami on Thursday, October 14, Rosey Baby in Lauderhill on Friday, October 15, and The Hurricane in Marathon on Saturday, October 16th. Cross your fingers for good weather!

September 2004
Blues N Brews Festival

Saturday, October 2, don't miss the Blues N Brews Festival at Kimball Farm in Westford, Massachusetts. It's a fantastic lineup including the Matthew Stubbs Band, our friend lloyd Thayer, The Installers, the Fat City Band, and Mighty Sam McClain.

July 2004
Ken Gardiner (Drummer #1) was seriously injured in an automobile accident on Sunday, July 25, near Windham, New Hampshire. Please see the Kenny News page for details.
May 2004
MSB to play White Mountain Boogie & Blues Festival

We'll be sharing the stage with such great acts as James Montgomery, Mike Welch, Johnny A, Chris Fitz, Melvin Sparks, and the Boston Horns. More details on the way!

February 2004
Matthew Stubbs Band third place in International Blues Challenge!

We're back from Memphis, and we brought home the third place trophy from the International Blues Challenge! We had a fantastic time and we'll hopefully have photos up soon. In the meantime, check out some snapshots from Carol and some other pictures from Kathy!

Many thanks to all our old friends and fans who came down to Memphis and supported us, and to our new friends, fans, and the musicians who made Memphis such a great time! We couldn't have done it without you!

Special special thanks go out to Mark Gillard from the Boston Blues Society, who has gone the extra mile for us a thousand times over, and also to Dale & Chris Stubbs, the entire Stubbs extended family, and the Hot Chick Brigade, for all the little things that we forget to mention but mean so much.

Also, a special shout out to Mojo Mamas Pat Pepin & Jan Sturtevant, Lonely Gus & crew, Ryan Hartt and the boys (and girls!), and the guys from The Thom Palmer Band out of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, along with their fans and friends, for rounding out the Northeast contingent and bringing us a little touch of Yankee home down south.

See The Blues Foundation's writeup and the Boston Blues Society's coverage of the event for more immediate info!

December 2003
"Get Out Of Town" Benefit at Johnny D's

Many thanks go out to everyone who came to help us out at the Boston Blues Society's "Get Out Of Town" Benefit on December 17, at Johnny D's in Somerville, to send lloyd Thayer and the Matthew Stubbs Band to Memphis to represent Boston in the International Blues Challenge.

November 2003
Goin' To Memphis!

We'd like to thank all the friends and musicians (and friends who are musicians) who came to support the band on Wednesday, November 19, at The Yard Rock in Quincy, Massachusetts. We'd also like to thank Ricky "King" Russell, and the Yard Rock staff as well, for hosting our first "Going To Memphis" Benefit. The music was great, the party was a blast, and everybody was incredibly generous.

October 2003
Halloween Bash at the Yard Rock in Quincy

Check out the Halloween Pictures from the costume party at the Yard Rock.

July 2003
The Matthew Stubbs Band wins Boston Blues Challenge

See some pictures from the event!

We had a great time, and we'd like to thank all our fans who came out to support us, and all the other bands who performed with us and who were such stiff competition!

If you get a chance, go see lloyd Thayer, Jose Ramos, Ryan Hartt and the Blue Hearts, and the Steve DiCecco Band. These guys all put on a heck of a show, and you won't be disappointed!



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